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What Am I Getting a Message That My Data Is Syncing?

To allow for the best reporting experience, Report Toaster creates a separate datastore containing your relevant Shopify data. This message is informing you that the data sync process is running and your data may be in flux until the sync process is complete.


This message is most likely to be displayed when you first install Report Toaster. The process normally takes just a few minutes, but could take a few hours for high-volume stores. This is because Shopify limits the number of API calls we can make to your store per minute. On average, we can process about 200 orders per minute or 12,000 per hour.

Our sync process completes as follows:

  1. Base data such as products, collections, and shop information.
  2. The last 30 days of order history.
  3. The remainder of your order history.

This allows the majority of reports to be run on recent history soon after install.