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Why Aren't Changes to Product Data Reflected On My Sales Reports?

Any of Report Toaster's sales reports can be customized to include product attributes, such as product type, vendor and cost. We receive a lot of inquiries asking why these reports don't include recent changes to product data.

The reason is that we capture detailed product data at the time of the order to ensure historical integrity. For example, if you changed vendors for a product, we want to report on the vendor at the time of sale, not the new vendor. Because once that product data is changed, Shopify doesn't track the history, so there would be no way to recover it. The following are examples of product attributes stored at the time of the order:

  • Product Title
  • Product Type
  • Vendor
  • Product Tags
  • SKU
  • Inventory Quantity
  • Price
  • Compare At Price
  • Cost

If you need your sales data to reflect recent product changes, we can help. Just contact support via our live chat and ask that your data be resynced to reflect the new values. We can generally accommodate such requests immediately. 

Our roadmap includes adding the ability to filter and report on EITHER the value at the time of sale or the current value. So make sure to read our email updates as we add new functionality.