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3 - Report Toaster Testing

By default, Report Toaster is configured for use with real orders and real Shopify data. However, agencies or merchants who are setting up a store for the first time may want to look at reports with Shopify test order data before moving to a live storefront. 

Currently, no other reporting apps support this feature (including Shopify reports), so Report Toaster is unique in providing this kind of testing capability. Therefore, this article covers how to set up and utilize test orders when creating your reports.  

Enable Test-Data

If you want Report Toaster to providing reporting for test data, click the profile button (1) and toggle the switch (2) to enable test data: 


With this toggle, you can choose between seeing your real orders or your test orders. 

Remember - The choice is either/or, so be sure to put the toggle back again once you're ready to look at real data from your storefront (!)

Syncing/Refreshing Your Data

After your account has been setup and any initial data has been provisioned, Report Toaster syncs with your Shopify account (approximately once per minute) to keep your information up to date. 

The process is automatic, so you don't need to do anything to ensure these changes are reflected. However, if you're waiting for some new data to appear (e.g. you just created a new order in Shopify), give it a minute or two to show up in Report Toaster. 

You should also feel free to refresh the app to ensure you always have the most up-to-date view of your data. 

Historical vs. Live Data 

One important thing to remember when testing Report Toaster is the difference between attributes that were true at the time of sale vs. those that are true now. 

This is a common discrepancy for merchants who are testing their storefront, as they are typically making a large number of changes (e.g. tags, cost, price) to their products. 

E.g. If I had a test order (#1001) placed yesterday where the Total Price was $50, but I changed the Total Price on the Product this morning to $60, the price change would not be reflected in the Sales reports. This is because the Sales reports measure what is true at the time of sale, to report the correct sales figures and maintain historical integrity.**

**Note - if you would like us to resync the account to only reflect the most up-to-date information, contact us to let us know. Generally, we do not recommend this, (as it will give you data that conflicts with what was true at the time of sale). 

How to Test Changes?

Therefore if you have made changes to your storefront and want to check it's being shown correctly in your account, the process is simple - make the changes, place a fresh test order, and you should see the new order in Report Toaster with the updated information (be sure to wait and hit refresh as noted above).

To learn more about updating product data from Shopify, you might also want to check out this article.